Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Common 18” Speaker Terminology

Common 18” Speaker Terminology

Very often 18” speakers can be found by searching 18 bass speaker, 18 bass speakers, 18 cone and 18 dj speaker, 18 dj speakers, 18 in speaker as well as 18 in speakers, 18 inch bass speaker and 18 inch bass speakers. Using your favorite Internet browser you can search with terms such as 18 inch speakers, 18 inch speakers for sale, 18 inch subwoofer speaker and 18 loudspeaker, 18 pa speaker, 18 pa speakers as well as 18 replacement speaker, 18 replacement speakers. For 18” subwoofers or sometimes indexed as 18 “ sub woofers you can uses search terms like 18 sub speaker, 18 sub speakers, 18 subwoofer speakers. For general 18” speaker replacement you can look for loudspeaker replacement, neodymium speakers, replacement speaker cones, replacement speaker drivers. offers a great variety of 18” speakers. From General all purpose speakers, bass mid-bass speakers, 18” speakers for horn loaded, sealed and vented enclosures too, as well as high output, high power and neodymium 18” speakers.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Free Shipping New Web Site Speakers Subwoofers Diaphragms


Check out our newly remodeled web site - give us your feedback. What you like, what you don't like, what you'd like to see improved.

With 3 Easy Ways to Shop...

You can shop by application; speaker size, 18's 15's 12', etc. By Brand...Choose from • 18 Sound• B-52• B&C• Behringer• Beyma• Celestion• Ciare• Crown• Eminence Electro-Voice Fane• JBL• Jensen• LoudspeakersPlus• Mackie• Neutrik• P Audio• Peavey• Radian• RCF• Selenium• Sine Lines• Turbosound. Or shop by Part Number, just enter the part number you are looking for into the Search Box at the top of the page and find what you're looking for fast!


Speakers for Pro Audio, DJ, Karaoke and Musical Instruments

Friday, September 11, 2009

18 Sound Speakers - 21" Speakers Eighteen Sound Subwoofer

18 Sound Speakers - 21" Speakers Eighteen Sound Subwoofer: Loudspeakers Plus is proud to present one of the newest bad boys available, the 18 Sound 21", 1500 watt 21LW1400. With a 4" voice coil, 99db sensitivity and weighing in at 42 lbs., this guy can rock! Check the specs for yourself!

Friday, April 10, 2009

1800 WATT Subwoofer

The 18 Sound 18NLW9600 1800 WATT Subwoofer is available to Pre-Order at Loudspeakers Plus!!! They are expected to be ready for delivery by the middle of May.

FREE Shipping to the continental United States (limited time offer).

*96,5 dB SPL 1W / 1m average sensitivity
*135 mm (5.
3 in) Interleaved Sandwich Voice coil (ISV)
*1800 Watt AES power handling
*High force neodymium magnet assembly
*Triple Silicon Spider (TSS) for improved excursion control and linearity
*Single Demodulating Rings (SDR) for lower distortion
*Low noise forced ventilation design for low power compression
*Weather protected cone and plates for outdoor usage
*Suitable for reflex, bandpass or horn loaded high SPL subwoofer systems

The 18NLW9600 is an extended low frequency 18 inch neodymium high performance transducer. The loudspeaker has been designed for use as a subwoofer component, in either a reflex, bandpass or horn loaded configuration, in high power auditorium or arena loudspeaker systems.

For optimum results recommended amplifier should be able to deliver 3600 Watt program power without clipping.

Eighteen Sound engineers have obtained the best possible results with today's available materials in terms of clean and undistorted LF reproduction at a ultra high SPL, with the lowest possible power compression figure.

The transducer design features include a large displacement suspension system specifically designed for matching the carbon fiber reinforced, straight ribbed cone.

Thanks to the Triple Silicon Spider (TSS) technology, the 18NLW9600 is able to control the moving mass with high linearity, showing an exceptional stability of mechanical parameter values in the long term. Bl force factor, as well as all other electro-dynamic parameters, are linear within the working range. This, together with the exceptional high excursion behavior - 70mm before damage, ±14mm linear Xmax - makes the 18NLW9600 an extremely low distortion, highly dynamic transducer.

The state-of-the-art 5,3" inside outside ISV (Interleaved Sandwich Voice Coil) aluminum voice coil enables the 18NLW9600 to handle 3600W program power value.

The 18NLW9600 has been developed after intense FEA and fluidodynamics simulation and testing, focusing on dissipating the heat generated by the powerful voice coil. Special attention was given to the optimization of air flow into the gap without introducing audible noise. A special low-density material air diffractor placed into the heatsink acts as a cooling system, increasing the power handling capability and lowering the power compression figure.

The exclusive cone treatment improves pulp strength and gives water repellent properties to both sides of the cone. A special coating applied to both the top and back plates makes the transducer far more resistant to the corrosive effects of salts and oxidization.

Contact Loudspeakers Plus at 847-963-0733 or visit our web site at

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Replacement HF Tweeter Diaphragms

Cabinet / speaker manufacturers such as Berhinger, Mackie, and EAW routinely change driver suppliers and speaker suppliers during manufacturing and retain the same cabinet model number

This means that if you have a Mackie SRM450 or a Gemini GX400 cabinet, it does not guarantee that it carries a P Audio BMD-450 driver and a P Audio BMD450-8 diaphragm. We highly recommend that you REMOVE AND IDENTIFY YOUR DIAPHRAGM & DRIVER BEFORE ORDERING.

This is a PARTIAL list of some of the models that the P Audio BMD440.8RD diaphragm is used in:

American Audio BMD450 - B-52 MX-1515, B52 MX-1515, B-52 MX1515, B52 MX1515 - Berhinger (or Beringer) 44P60A8, 44P60-A8, 44-P60A8, 44P60A-8 - Berhinger B1220, B-1220, B 1220 - Cerwin Vega Pro Stax PSX153, PSX-153, PSX 153 (ProStax Pro Stacks) - Cerwin Vega Pro Stax PSX253, PSX-253, PSX 253 (ProStax Pro Stacks) - EAW VR51, VR-51 - EAW DC10/1703-8, DC-10-1703-8, DC10 1703-8 - EAW CD10 1703-8, CD10-1703-8, CD10/1703-8 - Mackie DC10/1701-8, C-10-1701-8, DC10 1701-8 - Mackie CD10 1701-8, CD10-1701-8, CD10/1701-8 - Mackie DC10/1801-8, DC-10-1801-8, DC10 1801-8 - Mackie CD10 1801-8, CD10-1801-8, CD10/1801-8 - Mackie SRM450, SRM-450, SRM 450 - Mackie SRM450 II, SRM-450 II, SRM 450 II - Mackie SRM450-V2, SRM-450-V2, SRM 450-V2 - Mackie SRM450Version 2, SRM-450-Version 2, SRM 450 Version 2 - Mackie SRM450-Version-2, SRM-450-Version-2, SRM 450 Version-2 - Mackie SRM450Version II, SRM-450-Version II, SRM 450 Version II - Mackie C300Z, C300-Z, C-300Z, C 300Z - Mackie S215, S-215, S 215 - Mackie S225, S-225, S 225 - Mackie SA1521, SA-1521, SA 1521 - Mackie SR1521Z, SR-1521Z, SR 1521Z - Mackie SR1522Z, SR-1522Z, SR 1522Z - Mackie 0008093 - Mackie 0025666 Driver - Mackie 0025726 Driver - Mr. DJ PRO8000, Pro 8000, Pro-8000 - Gemini GX400, GX-400, GX 400 - Gemini GX450, GX-450, GX 450 - P-Audio 440 - P-Audio BMD-440, BMD 440 - P-Audio 450 - P-Audio BMD-450, BMD 450 - P-Audio Co-Ax BM10 CXA, BM10-CXA, BM10CXA - P-Audio Co-Ax BM12 CXA, BM12-CXA, BM12CXA - P-Audio Co-Ax BM12 CXHA, BM12-CXHA, BM12CXHA - P-Audio Co-Ax BM15 CXA, BM15-CXA, BM15CXA - P-Audio Co-Ax BM15 CXHA, BM15-CXHA, BM15CXHA - Turbosound RD111, RD-111, RD 111, RD-111-8, 111 - Turbosound CD111, CD-111, CD 111, CD-111-8, 111-8 - Turbosound TXD121, TXD-121, TXD 121, TXD-121-8 - Turbosound TXD12M, TXD-12M, TXD 12M, TXD-12M-8 - Turbosound TXD151, TXD-151, TXD 151, TXD-151-8

The Replacement Diaphragm for these models is typically the P Audio BMD440.8RD and can be found at Loudspeakers Plus. Check us out at or call us at 847-963-0733!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Speaker Reconing Service - Repair

Loudspeakers Plus now offers a complete facility dedicated to the repair and service of speakers and speaker systems. Our Speaker Reconing Service is staffed by highly-trained specialists that know how to help you repair your speakers or choose the correct replacement speakers or speaker parts to make your system come alive. We can bring your speakers back to life!

Our speaker reconing service is guaranteed to give your speakers new life. It's cost-effective, fast, and we do it right. And if your speakers are too far gone, we have a warehouse full of the newest speakers from all the major manufacturers like Eminence, JBL, P Audio, 18 Sound, RCF, Peavey, Jensen, Celestion and more!

Stop by and visit our new speaker showroom. You can audition our complete line of speaker cabinets, stage monitors and subwoofer cabinets. You can drop off your blown speakers for analysis and repair. Or you can pick up some new speakers and high frequency drivers from most of the leading manufacturers including Eminence, P Audio, JBL, Jensen, 18 Sound, RCF, Fane, Celestion, Peavey and more!

Our staff can answer all your questions about speakers and how to get the most from your gear. We are located at: 450 S. Spruce St., Unit G Manteno, IL 60950 Phone: 815.468.6801 FAX: 815.468.6815 Email: Visit Today!

All About Speaker Parts

We are your Premier Replacement Speaker Parts Supplier

We carry top of the line name brand raw frame speakers, parts and components for Pro Audio, Musical Instruments, DJs and Karaoke. As one of the largest US Speaker Suppliers for Genuine brand name, OEM and aftermarket loudspeakers, we also offer replacement diaphragms, guitar speakers and components for public address systems, DJ and Karaoke rigs and guitar and bass. We also carry light speaker cabinets and light weight stage monitors as well as powered and passive plastic molded speaker cabinets.

Sorry NO Home Theatre or Hi-Fi.

Contact: - 847-963-0733 - 815-468-6801